Why Swiss skincare?

Products made in Switzerland have long been associated with pioneering innovation, high standards of manufacture, and quality ingredients – and this includes Swiss skin care products, which expertly employ cutting-edge technologies to develop formulations with natural and sustainable ingredients that deliver science-based benefits to the skin.

Scientists have long drawn from Switzerland’s exceptional natural environment, using native plants and flowers, with proven anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, in a range of skin care products. Home grown ingredients such as edelweiss and alpine rose combined with mineral-rich glacier water from mountain lakes are what make Swiss skin care products distinctive.

And Swiss made skin care products are becoming increasingly popular as the global beauty industry undergoes a much-needed paradigm shift. After decades of marketing promises of eternal youth, consumers are responding to values of authenticity, sustainability and wellbeing. Customers are looking to understand how products are made, why they are effective, what makes them healthy, and which ingredients are sustainable. More and more, consumers are responding to and engaging with brands that communicate simply and transparently, with less hype and more data.

Today’s global marketplace means that Swiss made skin care is now available to men and women anywhere in the world. Swiss brands offer something amazing that few companies can match.

Why is sustainability important to us?

Sustainability is all about creating a business model that operates with minimal negative impact on the environment and community. In the skin care and beauty industry, sustainability considerations include packaging, and reducing single use plastics, manufacturing locally to reduce energy usage and increase employment, the careful selection of non-toxic ingredients that are renewable, and reducing the carbon footprint across the entire supply chain - from sourcing to manufacturing to delivery.

Switzerland is a recognised global pioneer in sustainability, with environmentally-conscious traditions that reflect the country’s deep respect and love for their pristine landscape. Rigid policies and consistent practices – from recycling and emission standards to building regulations and urban planning – mean a cleaner future, and importantly for Swiss skin care products, wholesome ingredients found in nature that are easily regenerated.

What does ‘SWISSNESS’ really mean?

Swissness is the term given to the legislation passed into law by the Swiss government in January 2017.

This legislation strengthens the ‘Made in Switzerland’ label within the Swiss beauty, skin care and cosmetic industry. Use of the ‘Made in Switzerland’ label guarantees that a minimum of 60% of the manufacturing costs are specified for Switzerland, as well as at least 80% of the research & development, and production costs. In addition, the law stipulates the specific activities that influence the quality of a product, which must take place wholly in Switzerland.

Like all goods and services ‘Made in Switzerland’, high quality Swiss skin care products enjoy the highest reputation and have earned the unconditional trust of consumers. Always look for the Swiss Red Cross that represents the ‘Made in Switzerland’ label.

The Swiss Skin Essentials logo features the Swiss Cross, guaranteeing that we only offer genuinely ‘Made in Switzerland ' products.

About Us

Switzerland is home to many of the world's luxury skin care brands. Swiss Skin Essentials is a customer gateway offering access to these premium brands not readily available via usual retail channels.

We only offer genuine, high quality ‘Made in Switzerland' products that have earned a loyal following with skin care aficionados across Europe. Our offering is constantly being updated with premium, luxury ‘Made in Switzerland’ skin care products.

Our product range is currently available to consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

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